We March

© Wheeler & Seymour 2015

As an ex-Army Reservist, and with family connections in the Army, Navy and Air Force, Anzac Day is significant to me personally so I always get emotional during the march and service. Warfare has such an incredibly traumatic impact on people’s lives, and we are touched by it directly or vicariously through current circumstances or by history.

While we commemorate the Anzacs on ANZAC day, it is a time we honour all of those, in all of the services who gave and currently give of themselves in ways, in which most people will never fully understand. Some continue to pay the price long after the duty has ended.

You are not forgotten. To you all, I am grateful, as it because of your contribution, that I can live life with freedom and choice, as can my fellow Australians and New Zealanders.

We March


Pipes, Drums and Intro

I hear the ANZACs marching

Way above the clouds

They gave up their freedom

So we could have ours

Many years have gone but

Their stories have lived on

How they fought and fell united

On those foreign shores


We don’t march

On these streets

To glorify war

We don’t march

For the Anzacs

To even any score

Today we march proudly

To remember them

And what they fought for

We march to honour them


Lest We Forget

There are those who came later

To serve for love and land

They held united

Each woman and man

Along with the Anzacs

Their courage held true

Leaving a legacy

For me and you


We will march… x 4

Lest We Forget