The Truth Of A Man

©Leonie Wheeler and Charlie Moore 2012

The Truth of a Man was another experience gifted to me when I travelled by train across the U.S.A. I was on the last leg (a very slow train trip) from San Antone to Los Angeles, and it was just after the Angel Rose experience, that I met a man who told me about his life story, and who in fact gave me the manuscript that he had written whilst in jail, about his life. As I read about his life, I could hear him two seats back, having phone conversations with people whose names I was reading in the manuscript. It was surreal.

The actual song came about when I was telling someone about Angel Rose and they suggested I write about this experience too. I really love this song and the power of the message, and I often wonder what happened to him. I am working on the screenplay of his story, so I have no doubt that we will meet again one day, and hopefully will find that he managed to find some peace. I really hope he did.


A slow train ride

A stranger beside me

As night unfolded

So did his story

He talked of guns

White lines and needles

Bikes on the run

But his destiny was sealed

A deal had been done

For the fast life

A devil pact he made

His wife and baby girl

Got lost in trade

I realised from the story told

How he sold his soul

Now I understand

It’s not in the cards

Or some master plan

It’s in how he played his hand

That reveals…..


The truth of a man x 4


There’s no way out

When you’re burning within

No redemption, no way to win

His baby girl grew

But he was locked up inside

To cry alone

When on the needle she died

On the needle she died x 2

Oh she died…

His voice became a whisper

In the quiet of the night

He said if I had a chance again

I’d be a man

I’d fight for her

I’d do it right

But the chance is gone

He never can, never can


So sisters and daughters

Make sure he does what he oughta

Watch how he plays his hand

Cause you want to know


Show me the truth of a man

I need to believe it

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

The truth of a man x 2