© Wheeler & De Brincat 2016

It was when I was working as a teacher in a special school, I saw on a Current Affair the story about the social experiment illustrating how the public in a mall responded to two young men (one of whom was in a wheelchair). I was struck by the fact that while there some people with open hearts and empathy, many people ignored the man in the wheelchair, as if he was invisible, even when he talked to them. The same people actually responded openly to the other man who was not in a wheelchair. I felt appalled by the way the first young man was being ignored.

There is also a line about “shooting stars” which I saw on a Facebook post about a group of motivators who were inspiring youth at risk. I loved the line and incorporated it. I hope this song inspires communication and understanding between all people, including those who are disadvantaged by circumstance, disability or disheartened by life. I tend to say this is a song about people with a disability, however I realise many people actually feel invisible to the world. This is a song to uplift and celebrate who you are, and no matter what, you matter!



Dear world

There’s something I’d like to say

The words may not come easy

So I’ll do it in my own way

Because I am unique

And just like you

I want you to know

There is so much I can do


So see me, really see me

I am not invisible

I am a superhero, super hero

I fight battles every day

So see my shine as

I’m shooting stars

Reaching out to your heart

I am a, super hero, super hero


I might stumble

I might fall

But in my heart

I’m standing tall

I want to show you

What I can do

So don’t be afraid

I’m not afraid


Making it happy

Making our world shine

Love is all around us

Make it yours and make it mine

I’ll be your superhero every time


I’ll be your superhero every time

I’ll be your superhero every time

I’ll be your superhero every time

Your superhero every time