Made In Australia

©Leonie Wheeler & Stuart Seymour 2015

The lyrics of the song sum up my sentiments about being Australian. I love this
amazing country in which we live… the diverse landscapes and the characters
that have been shaped by the land.
I am a descendant of the rich multicultural
heritage that forms the tapestry of our society, and am proud of my adopted
kinship connections to Arnhem Land.

I am proud of the courage of my ancestors and how they worked hard to make
Australia their new home.
With ancestors from the First Fleet (and yes they were convicts) and lineage from one of the first Italian families to come to North Queensland to be indentured as cane cutters, I wanted to express how proud I felt to be Australian in this song.

My dream is that we can all shine with the beauty of our own individuality, yet embrace each other with a common love, tolerance and respect, and unite as Australians.


I have travelled across the sea

Seen places of great beauty

But there is something

Unique about this land

It’s not just about the country

Of riches rare and true

It’s about unity

And the spirit that shines through

There were those

Who came in the dreamtime

And ancestors like mine

Who came to these shores

With hope in heart

And sweat upon their brow

And though mistakes were made

And the scars to this day

That are found in history

We will heal but not forget


I was made in Australia

I was made from this land

I’ve been tested and torn

But still I hold on

I will make a stand

For what I believe in

And the love I have for Australia

I have marched with my mates

Seen the ghosts of Hells Gates

Fought battles

For what I believed was right

And I will walk across this land

From the shores to the desert sands

Yes I am proud to be Australian


Handmade in Australia

And that’s something

I am proud of