Dance Night

© Leonie Wheeler & Stuart Seymour 2016


This song was inspired by a conversation I overheard when someone was saying that she lived two doors down from the dance hall. I just loved the line as it brought back memories of my parents, aunties and uncles at the Saturday night dance at the RSL hall. I wrote the song in my lunch break and by later that afternoon, the lyrics of Dance Night were written. I gave the lyrics to Stuart who encapsulated it in this delightful waltz. I can ‘see’ the video, that I would love to produce one day, and in it is a small country band playing in an old time dance hall, with Andre Rieu playing the fiddle. Yes, I can dream!

Dance Night


I lived two doors down from the dance hall

And though I was just a child

I remember those days like they were yesterday

As I watched from the window outside

I think they knew I was there

They did not seem to care

Entranced by the beauty

I stood all alone as romance hung in the air


They danced to the waltz as the band softly played           

There was magic in the air as they glided and swayed

No matter what the week would bring                

Holding each other so tight

They’d fall in love all over again               

Each time it was dance night.

Those nights at the dance hall are a lifetime away

Sweet memories live on in my heart

Of music the band used to play

I remember it all as they danced through the hall

Holding each other so tight

The waltz brought them together again

Each time it was dance night


Repeat Chorus