Angel Rose

©Leonie Wheeler and Allan Sinclair 2012

Whilst on a holiday of a lifetime in the United States, I undertook a train trip travelling from Las Vegas to Racine, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antone and Los Angeles. During this epic trip I had some encounters, which impacted on me so much that I was compelled to write about them. Angel Rose was the first of the songs that was written and so indirectly resulted in the birth of this album.

Whilst on a stopover at San Antone to visit a holiday ranch, I overnighted at a motel to catch an early train back to Los Angeles. It was still dark outside when I heard a woman’s angelic singing, praising Jesus. Intrigued as well as cautious, I peered through the window to watch a police car arrive at the motel reception. Figuring it was safe to venture outside I watched as this young woman was bundled into the back seat of the police car. I spoke to the motel manager and asked him what was happening. He told me that she wanted a room, but didn’t have any money. I offered mine as I was leaving but he didn’t want the problem. He said the police knew of her, and I then wondered about the state of her mental health. I often wonder what happened to this Angel (Rose of San Antone).

Touched by the memory of that early morning and the amazing angelic voice, I wrote the lyrics during the last leg of my train journey and gave them to Allan Sinclair when I returned to Australia hoping he could write some music to the words.

However at the time we were both at crossroads in our lives. I moved to the Northern Territory and the lyrics were lost until I found them again three years later, so I once again sent them to him. I was thrilled when he included the song “Angel Called Rose” on his debut album “Thinking of You”.

Angel Rose is my version of the song. The lyrics are slightly different to “Angel Called Rose”, and as artists we have our own interpretation of the song delivery, but in essence it is the same song. It was the fact that Allan included this song on his album that helped me believe that I had something to offer in the form of songwriting, and my confidence started to build, and for that I am grateful.


In a motel room

So far from home

The night was quiet

I was all alone

When from the dark

I heard an angel sing

If I was sleeping

I would surely think

That to heaven

I’d been sent

As I heard this rose sing

Her desperate plea


She sang to Jesus, she sang to me,

She didn’t know where she would sleep

Halleluiah is what she sang, and how she sang,

All she wanted was a place to stay,

How did it turn out this way?

Halleluiah she sang her glory to God

Fallen angel of the night

Disappeared out of sight

As they came, to take her away

And all she left was emptiness

But I knew I’d been blessed

By the rose

Angel in the night


Halleluiah she sang her glory to God

Halleluiah she sang her glory to God