About The Album

The Journey is an expression of many of Leonie’s life experiences. She has spent many years on the land living in The Outback in remote communities, working on cattle stations and involved in small crop farming.

“I am attracted to the adventure of life, and am somewhat of a gypsy. I find it hard to pinpoint any place as home, as I feel such a connection to the land.  As our land is so diverse and spectacular, I can find beauty everywhere.”

She currently lives by a lake near beautiful Mackay. Her love for horses and the land, her thirst for adventure and her interest in aboriginal education led her to her first teaching position in Borroloola, NT in 1979.Since then, Leonie’s teaching experiences have been diverse: remote indigenous teaching in other parts of the Northern Territory; Katherine School of the Air; Special Education (Behaviour and Autism Advisor); Drama Teacher; Literacy and Numeracy and Life Skills Instructor at TAFE.

Throughout all of her experiences, Leonie has always had a creative way of looking at the world. She has always been a writer of poetry, and this has expanded to storytelling through photography, novel, children’s stories and screenwriting. Her focus as a writer is to capture emotional journeys that many of us experience throughout our lives, to connect and to inspire.

“I understand that life itself is a journey and I love Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote that ‘Life is a Journey, not a destination.’ I am a mother and grandmother and I have lived. I consider age a gift. My own life has had its share of joy and heartbreak and through it all there is much I have learnt along the way. I have come through it.”

“I feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to record this album and grateful to all the people who helped make it possible.  While it does take personal courage and conviction to step out and take such a chance, it is the support of friends who make the difference in achieving such a goal, I will always be grateful to them.”Leonie has always loved to sing. A childhood friend reminded her “Leonie you have always been singing. Remember when you used to teach me how to sing the Beatles songs when we were about 7.” With encouragement from family she started singing in front of country music audiences at 40, and occasionally sang around the ridges.

“I needed to record this album. I really wanted to capture the emotions and the stories in a way that was authentic to me. My songwriting collaborators all have their own unique styles, and I needed to express mine. Brendan Marolla helped me to do this.”  It was originally going to be called Shine Your Light, however while listening to the tracks in the studio I realised these were snippets from my journey in life, so the “The Journey” was so titled.

Leonie Wheeler