©Leonie Wheeler and Allan Sinclair 2015

The ‘I don’t care about the break up anymore’ song….I was walking along the beach one late afternoon, and for some reason realised that it was the date of my wedding anniversary – 18 July (1980). I think I said out loud, “It doesn’t matter anymore”. I then proceeded to write the lyrics for 1-8-0-7-8-0.

My ex-husband and I were married on Scott Creek Station outside of Katherine, Northern Territory, and bougainvillea flowers decorated the gum tree that we were married under. Whilst the marriage was not to last, I am forever grateful for our children and the amazing experiences we had working together on cattle stations in Queensland and the Northern Territory. It was quite an adventure and all a part of my journey.



I still remember flowers

In that shady gum tree

And the minister who married us

And how much you loved me

Seems like that was just a promise

That you never meant to keep

Not sure if I’d change it now

How it turned about to be


Now I think about you sometimes

And that promise on a kiss

Was one I truly believed in

And that I surely missed

But somehow the future for us

Was never to be

Now 1-8-0-7-8-0

Doesn’t matter any more to me

I no longer want to care

About what used to be

It’s just another love lost

In a faded memory

Only a mark on the page

Of a love that’s history

Now 1-8-0-7-8-0

Doesn’t matter any more to me



Doesn’t matter any more to me