Meet Leonie

Australian singer, songwriter, storyteller, Leonie Wheeler captures the essence of the Australian spirit in her writing, whether it be in her poetry, songs, children’s stories, novels or screenplays.
Her debut album is a collection of self-penned, easy listening country songs that rest easy on the heart and ears. It is not the typical country collection.
The song topics are so diverse and capture the essence of many of Leonie’s reflections about life.

Her first novel Hope Valley, a mature romance, set to be released in May 2017 engages the reader in how one woman finds the strength to rebuild her life as she connects with country. The character is not unlike Leonie herself, taking a chance and daring to follow a dream.

In her own words Leonie said she felt audacious as she took the leap of faith, going in to the studio to record, but then she knew it was time. “Wayne Dyer said ‘don’t die with the music in you’, and that resonated with me. I realised that if I didn’t do this now, when was I ever going to? I have been writing for many years and most of my work remains unseen and unheard because I haven’t put it out there. What was the point in that, when I feel as though I have something worth sharing?”

Be warned though. Listeners often experience symptoms of goose bumps, tears, smiles, heart warmth and bouts of reminiscing. Some find an insatiable urge to dance to various songs on the album and yet another side effect reported is that listeners can have a tendency to walk around singing the songs repeatedly after listening to them several times.

The Journey

The Journey is an expression of many of Leonie’s life experiences. She has spent many years on the land living in The Outback in remote communities, working on cattle stations and involved in small crop farming.

“I am attracted to the adventure of life, and am somewhat of a gypsy. I find it hard to pinpoint any place as home, as I feel such a connection to the land.  As our land is so diverse and spectacular, I can find beauty everywhere.”

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What people are saying about Leonie, her debut album The Journey and her first novel Hope Valley

Hope Valley

Leonie is excited to be making her debut mature romance novel available to you soon.
It will be available firstly in digital format, and then in paperback by May 2017.
Please advise if you are interested in being contacted when either of these formats becomes available.

Kate had always felt secure in her marriage, so when her husband of thirty years told her he needed a divorce to marry his pregnant young lover, the rejection she felt, catapulted her into a rudderless life of demoralising dalliances. In quiet desperation she found Hope Valley. 

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